Tapering Guidelines

How To Come Off Semaglutide

Tapering off semaglutide is like taking the training wheels off a bike; we want to make sure you're steady and confident on your own before letting go completely. Rather than abruptly cutting off the medication's assistance, we follow a tapering protocol to allow your body to find it's natural balance again.

This helps to avoid any bumpy withdrawals. But more excitingly, it empowers you to maintain your progress long after the medication is phased out. By giving your body time to readjust, we're setting the stage for sustainable habits that will keep you cruising on your health journey for the long haul.

This most often means decreasing your dose by 0.50 mL every 4 weeks until you are fully off the medication. Your provider will work with you to find the schedule that best suits your unique needs to ensure a smooth transition that leaves you feeling strong and in control.

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