Semaglutide Dosing

DocDay Weight Loss provides members with personalized semaglutide plans designed to drive weight loss results.

Your provider will start you on a low dose of semaglutide to acclimate you to the medicine. As you go through your weight loss program, you'll work your way up to higher dosing over a few months. This incremental dosing method controls side effects and ensures the program is as easy and seamless for you as possible.

It’s important that you always follow the dosing that is written on the medication’s packaging. Your prescribed units can change or remain the same each month based on your provider’s expert suggestion.

Here's an example of what a personalized prescription semaglutide dosing schedule can look like:

Important Reminders

  • The concentration of your medication may increase after your 2nd month. This means you may require less units than the previous month, please review the dosing schedule below for reference.  

  • If you’ve been taking semaglutide already, you may start with a different dose schedule. Please follow the prescribed dosing found on the box each month.  

Got dosing questions? DocDay is always here to help. Reach out to for assistance.