Chronic Care Management

Our exceptional team of medical providers help manage and improve your chronic conditions.

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Manage and Improve Your Chronic Conditions

Our dedicated Care Team formulates a comprehensive care plan for you

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Schedule a visit with a board-certified medical provider at a time that works best for you.

Get the answers you need

Receive quality care - prescriptions, lab orders, and more.

Enjoy 24/7 peace of mind

Rest easy knowing that DocDay is here for all your chronic health needs.

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On average, DocDay members can save hundreds of dollars a year



Average Yearly Savings



Average Yearly Savings



Average Yearly Savings



Average Yearly Savings


Type 2 Diabetes

Average Yearly Savings

There are no copays1, AMCS1 & no balance billing to members.

Losing Weight Is Hard.
Here's How We Make It Easier

We don't put markups on the medications we prescribe and we let you get started for free.

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Dedicated to providing the care you deserve

Every member of your dedicated care team is committed to delivering an exceptional experience where you feel cared for, valued, respected, and heard. As a DocDay member, you get access to the very best healthcare, all in one place. And all from wherever you are.

“I’d tried it all. I have been suffering from chronic pain for  years and tried many different treatments, but nothing  really worked. I was starting to lose hope when I decided to give DocDay a try, and I am so glad I did. The doctor I spoke to was knowledgeable and understanding. He took the time to listen to my concerns and to develop a treatment plan that was right for me. ”

Amanda, Charlotte NC

Chronic Care Management Client

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