Safe Sharps Disposal

Used sharps must be disposed of after each use in a FDA-Cleared Sharps Container. This is because they are considered hazardous waste and can cut and infect others when not disposed of correctly.  

Sharps containers are available for purchase here or you can use an upright standing, heavy-duty plastic household container that does not leak and has a tight-fitting lid that cannot be punctured. Most laundry detergent bottles work.  

In many areas there are disposal programs you can enroll in to drop off your used sharps containers. If you can’t find one, put your sharps container in the center of a full trash bag and discard in the regular trash once full.* All sharps containers should be closed, taped shut, and labeled “Sharps Biohazard” before discarding.  

*In some areas, it’s illegal to dispose of sharps in the trash. Contact the Coalition For Safe Community Needle Disposal at 800-643-1643 if you’re unsure of the laws in your area. For more information, visit