Content Guidelines

Tips & Best Practices to Increase Commissions

Here’s how to make the most of our ambassador program, along with a few important reminders.

  • Program Info

    • Access your account by clicking here. If you haven't created your account yet, you can do so at this link.
    • Always use your unique Referral Link when sharing. This can be found within your Account Dashboard.
    • For every person who signs up with your link, you'll earn $100.
    • All content must include #DocDayPartner and tag @trydocday to abide by FTC guidelines.
    • Email with any questions.
  • Create Content That Converts

    If you're a DocDay Weight Loss member, demo our product and speak directly to the camera!

    • Share before and after results pictures.
    • Tell your followers why you decided to try semaglutide for weight loss and how the journey has been for you
    • Answer questions your followers have about the program *avoid giving medical advice*
  • Bonus Tips

    • Use IG/TikTok/Youtube analytics to optimize your traffic hotspots.
    • Include affiliate links + discount codes in the description boxes of all your YouTube videos and in your Instagram and TikTok bios.
    • Think like a salesperson. What motivates your audience to make a purchase?

Keep tabs on your performance and access your unique referral link via your Account Dashboard

How To Explain Semaglutide For Weight Loss

Semaglutide is a GLP-1 medication that can curb appetite, reduce cravings, and help you lose weight. Initially developed as a medication for managing Type II Diabetes, research has shown promising weight loss benefits. Taken as a weekly injectable, it can help individuals lose nearly 15% of their bodyweight. For those eligible, DocDay Weight Loss provides personalized prescription semaglutide plans designed to get results safely. 

  • TikTok & Instagram Reels

    1. Make your captions longer! Add in keywords and trending phrases like “weight loss”, “semaglutide”, "transformation" to get picked up by the algorithm & show up on search! No hashtags needed. 
    2. Utilize a strong hook such as, “Here’s What You’re Getting Wrong”, or “This How I Changed My Life” and showcase the product within the first 3-5 seconds.
    3. Include a combination of talking to camera, voiceover & closed captioning.
    4. End with strong call to action and share your referral link and code within the video and in-caption!
    5. Your video should be 10 seconds minimum! Ideally, you want your video to span from 21-34 seconds.
  • YouTube

    1. Include key search words within your title and caption to allow for greater discovery.
    2. Get descriptive with your long-form content. Let your audience get to know you and leverage their trust! 
    3. Mention DocDay within the first three minutes of your video!
    4. Try YouTube Shorts! Shorts can feature quick product clips, unboxing, product benefits, before and after results.
    5. Tag your shorts with trending hashtags + always turn on closed captioning.
  • Blogs & Pinterest

    1. Share your weight loss and healthy living recommendations!
    2. Reshare your blog post on your social media channels, including Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram.
    3. Emphasize the key value props of DocDay's personalized prescription weight loss plans: science-backed, provider-led, monthly visits, reliably-sourced medication.
    4. Include affiliate links + discount codes in your blog posts and Pin them on Pinterest.
    5. Include multiple slides in one post (an “Idea Pin”) and showcase your body care routine in 3 -5 slides. 
    6. Create carousels that are short enough to be interesting, but long enough to cover the point.

Claims You Must Avoid

  • Do not claim that semaglutide is Ozempic, Wegovy, or any other name brand. Refer to it a compounded semaglutide.
  • Avoid any specific promises of weight loss amount or timeframe.

How To Describe DocDay

  • DocDay Weight Loss provides eligible members with personalized, semaglutide plans.
  • Weight loss plans are science-backed and results driven.
  • Members on average lose up to 15% of their bodyweight.
  • What separates DocDay from other weight loss medication providers is our commitment to sourcing safe semaglutide. We only partner with trusted pharmacies where medication undergoes extensive quality checks and there's no risk of shortage.
  • Our all-inclusive membership includes monthly visits, on-demand support, and in-app progress tracking to ensure individuals are safe, stable, and happy while on our prescription program.