What does GLP-1 medication do? 

It works by mimicking the actions of the hormone GLP-1, which is naturally produced in the body. GLP-1 is released from the intestines in response to food intake and helps regulate your blood sugar levels. 

How does GLP-1 medication work?

GLP-1 medications play an important role in regulating and enhancing weight-loss mechanisms within your body. They primarily target your blood-sugar response and insulin levels, causing your gut to communicate with your brain and promote better metabolic function. This communication helps regulate digestion, curb appetite, and promote a feeling of satiety, ensuring you feel satisfied for longer periods. 

DocDay helps you achieve lasting, healthy weight loss. To do that, we provide you with a comprehensive weight-loss plan that includes appropriate virtual doctor’s appointments,  prescriptions, and lab work. 

The Pricing

DocDay gets the best price on GLp-1 medications because we use a compound pharmacy to source our prescriptions. It's not the name brand, but it's the same chemical structure. In this case, you won’t get an autoinjector like the name brand, but you’ll get an insulin pen you can use to inject subcutaneously yourself—but it’s far less expensive. You don't need insurance or have to work through insurance. We can also blend it with other products, for instance vitamin B12. 

The Process

Once you sign up through our website and it’s been determined that this medication is a fit for you, you’ll get approved by the doctor and the doctor will authorize your order to go out to the pharmacy within seven days. It’s then shipped in refrigerated materials to your house overnight. Upon arrival, you should put it in your refrigerator and that supply lasts a month. At that point, you’ll be reapproved every month with your doctor monitoring your case to ensure all is going according to plan.