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DocDay Virtual Primary Care Was Built to Fill the Healthcare Gap Between Traditional Medicine and Today's Technology

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More Than Just A Telehealth Service

We're dedicated to providing you the best Virtual Primary Care experience without all the hassle and cost of a traditional health care plan. As a SureCo product, DocDay is committed to making healthcare work better for everyone. Our team works day in and day out, to ensure our members receive the kind of experience they deserve: stress free and easy to understand.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver Engaged Healthcare – connecting people to the innovative solutions, tools, information, and resources they need to participate in their own health.

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Our Promise

Our promise to you is that you won't be left to navigate the complexities of the broken healthcare system alone. Your Dedicated Care Team will assist you with all aspects of your health care journey, and that includes the confusing administrative aspects as well.

TeleHealth services that reach beyond the screen

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