How DocDay Works

Patient-centric telehealth service designed to keep you healthy without the hassle and cost of traditional office-based healthcare

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Delightfully Simple, Designed For You

DocDay makes it easier than ever to get the best care from wherever you are, on your schedule. Affordable doctor visits, weight loss, labs, prescriptions, and more.

Step 1

Download the DocDay mobile app here in order to receive the most optimized experience

Step 2

Open the app and enter your login information.

Step 3

Click “Start New Telemedicine Visit.”

**If this is an emergency, please call 911 or seek assistance at the nearest emergency room.**

Step 4

Fill out the requested info and submit.

If you requested a phone appointment, your provider will call you at the phone number you provided.

If you requested a video appointment, you will receive a video appointment link at your registered email address.

No Insurance? No Worries.

Your DocDay membership covers an unlimited number of telehealth visits!

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Become a member today and start experiencing why our patients love our level of medical care, service, accessible health services.